Psychic Sally brought her tour to Birmingham's Town Hall as part of a lengthy circuit of the U.K,with the premise of connecting members of her audience with their departed loved ones.

The show drew what began as a smattering of inconclusive names, numbers and places, but not without some initial successes; with Sally correctly identifying particular names that related to members of the audience - and their corresponding relationships. An array of relatives, house names and family pets made an appearance.

With the evening split into half, I felt that many of Sally's observations were either unanswered or tenuous, until the second half when members of the audience referred to Sally's earlier conclusions, and felt that she'd contacted their relatives. Subsequently, all of Sally's conclusions were drawn together and answered.

The show proved emotional for many who answered Sally's questions as she reached out to their loved ones, and audible gasps aplenty suggests that she delivered some surprises audience, also.

A particular highlight of the evening was Sally drawing attention to one particular member of the audience who had lost multiple relatives in the space of less than a month, with the performer making named references to all of them. Said member of the audience revealed that she was debating even coming to the show until an hour before it started, and that her friend chose not to attend due to the recent loss of a relative.

Overall, the show was excellent in its experience, and though doubts over Sally's abilities have previously plagued her image, she makes a fervent effort to communicate with her audience and pass on messages to them from their loved ones. Other members of the audience concluded that they thoroughly enjoyed the show, despite their uncertainty over Sally's abilities.