ROOKIE REVIEW: Rising Stars - Quatuor Zaide

Your title here…Rookie Reviewer and newbie to classical music, Ceri Osborne tell us about her recent trip to Town Hall to see Rising Stars Quatuor Zaïde.

Not until experiencing the performance by the outstandingly talented Quatuor Zaïde did I understand the need for a musician to move their body so much as they play. This perfectly timed quartet tell a series of stories not only through their exquisite delivery but through their physical connection with one another and indeed their instruments.

The array of sounds emulated from four stringed instruments was unimaginable, I would never believe I could hear such a sound come from a cello! From the upbeat, playful sounds of Shostakovich’s Quartet No 7 to the eerie starkness of the specially commissioned Secondo Quartetto by Francesca Verunelli, the breadth of tone , pace and emotion throughout the performance was invigorating to hear and to watch.

The sense of story within each piece was communicated through the presence and the expressions of these four French Rising Stars as they engaged with the music and each other. The undeniable level of passion was clearly exhibited with each soar of the bow, each pluck of the string and the chase of the melody back and forth between the performers.

The nuance of light and shade in the performance saddled with the fantastically harmonious musicianship within each musical piece demonstrated the skills and superior abilities that put Quatuor Zaïde on the well-deserved and award winning top-tier of elite international artists.

These amazing young talents have fully converted me to the ways of classical music.

Ceri Osborne is a mature student studying English at BCU with a keen interest in music, literature and the arts.She has worked collaboratively with the Birmingham School of Acting in creating her own short film and working on creative writing and theatrical projects. She has eclectic tastes and enjoys new experiences and challenging ideas.