ROOKIE REVIEW: Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

Rookie Reviewer Sophie Webster talks classics, mellow music, rock vibes and more, from this weekend’s Rumours of Fleetwood Mac

To emulate the distinctive sound of Fleetwood Mac seems almost impossible, but this is exactly what Rumours of Fleetwood Mac did.

Passionate and original, each member brings an exceptional amount of talent to create a spectacular sound which is so close to Fleetwood Mac, you almost cannot tell the difference. The show opened with an introduction clip of founder Mick Fleetwood, welcoming the audience to the show and promising an authentic experience for the fans, with the spirit of Fleetwood Mac in their presence.

The first half of the show covered some of the classics such as Little Lies and You Make Loving Fun as well as an outstanding performance of Silver Springs which is a lesser known track that did not make the Rumours album. The second half of the show comprised of a medley of different eras, including Black Magic Woman and an incredible performance of the hit Albatross which the crowd loved.

There was a very clear contrast between the music styles played in the first and second half of the show, although both were equally as enjoyable. The first half was mellow, whereas the remainder was much more of a rock vibe, which gave acoustic guitar and keyboard player Dave Goldberg an opportunity to show off his brilliant vocals. I liked how the members changed up their positions in the group from time to time – at the beginning the female vocalists took centre stage, but later on were replaced by the other members which kept it very interesting. During the finale, the girls returned to the stage to perform the classic Go Your Own Way.

It was refreshing to see two female vocalists who have such individual and unique voices. Together their harmonies were mesmerising, but we also got to hear both of them sing solo. A personal highlight was Louise Rogan performing Silver Springs, which she sang with such passion, there were many cheers from the audience.

Considering I was only familiar with a handful of Fleetwood Mac songs, the show completely exceeded my expectations in every way. From start to finish they engaged the crowd and there was never a dull moment. I will definitely never forget this concert and it has made me a huge fan of theirs! It’s no surprise that Mick Fleetwood has endorsed this group, as they are extremely talented and clearly work hard to create such an entertaining and credible tribute to the one and only Fleetwood Mac.

Sophie Webster is a 20 year old student studying English Language with Literature at Birmingham City University. She is an animal lover, passionate about music and dance, and loves living in Birmingham.