Rookie Reviewer, Zoe Lumsden, was impressed by Shane Filan’s warmth and credibility in his recent performance at Symphony Hall…

On Saturday evening as Shane Filan and his band visited Symphony Hall as part of their Right Here tour, Birmingham audiences welcomed them to the city with enthusiasm and energy.

Following support act Joe Miles, the set opened with a dramatic curtain drop revealing the band, before Shane walked on stage himself. Shane’s stage presence captivated the audience and Symphony Hall was immediately filled with a vibrant atmosphere. Shane offered a balanced set of old and new, featuring Westlife hits and his recent collaborative work with Nadine Coyle. Some of his biggest crowd pleasers included a lively cover of Walk the Moon’s Shut Up and Dance with Me, as well as his own songs, especially ballads from his latest album Right Here.

The set and staging closely reflected Shane’s song choices for his set list, ranging from luminous backgrounds of warm colour for slower numbers, actual footage from his music videos for more animated songs and photographs of his family and friends. Shane’s mellow vocals were supported with warmth and balance from his band members, creating lush harmonies. The musicality of the band was evident in the emphatic keyboard chords creating darker moments when required, but equally in gentle drum lilts and melodic guitar lines gathering momentum and direction, complimenting Shane’s melodic vocals.

Shane warmed the hearts of Birmingham audiences with his wholesome, genuine approach to performance. He spoke to the audience with personable Irish charm, but with honesty and credibility, thanking his band and even inviting his own kids and the kids of fellow band members onto the stage, as Shane presented his actual family and his ‘tour’ family. Even in the grand venue of Symphony Hall, through gentle acoustic numbers performed in an informal stage grouping, Shane and his band created a comfortable ‘round the campfire feel’ sharing songs with intimacy and connecting with the audience.

In a harmonious fusion of pop and subtle folk styles, Shane presented his absolute delight in his passion for sharing music with audience members in Birmingham that evening and throughout countries around the world.

Zoe Lumsden (@LumsdenZoe)

Bassoonist and student of Music & Modern Languages (French & German) at the University of Birmingham.

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