ROOKIE REVIEWS: Brendan Cole - A Night to Remember

_Rookie Reviewer Sophie Webster talks Tangos, captivating moves and awesome dresses _

After completing his two sell-out shows Live & Unjudged and Licensed to Thrill, Brendan is back in a follow-up show that is nothing less than mesmerising, highly entertaining and breath-taking.

His cast of 22 incredible musicians and dancers captivated the audience as soon as they walked on stage, and there was not a moment to be missed. The show opened with a dramatic performance to Holding Out for a Hero which certainly gripped our attention.

Sophie’s view

Being a big fan of Strictly Come Dancing, I was very much looking forward to seeing Brendan’s own show, and he certainly did not disappoint. Jam packed with almost every dance style including Argentine Tango, Quickstep and Charleston, he showed us how truly talented he is. His amazing live band played music of all different genres, which suited all tastes. Personally, he always stood out on Strictly as the dancer who was cheeky and outgoing, and that is exactly how he came across on stage. Whether you like him or not, his passion and hard work is undeniable. Between dances, Brendan engaged with the audience, making jokes about his Strictly co-star Anton Du Beke, as well as discussing Strictly behind the scenes. For anyone who is a fan of the show, this was definitely a treat.
To be able to entertain the crowd is one thing, but to move the crowd with such an emotional performance is another. Although each on the dances told a story, one in particular was absolutely stunning and made me tear up. The dance told a story from the perspective of a father, watching his young daughter grow up beside him. Brendan’s female dancers all wore beautiful pink dresses which were fitting for the song Cinderella.

Another stand out performance was the Waltz, which was raw and romantic. Brendan and his dance partner swept across the floor so elegantly and made it look effortless. It was amazing to see just how complex many of the routines were, and it is mind boggling how many routines Brendan and his dancers have to memorise. Just that fact alone was impressive to me.

Brendan is more than just a professional dancer; he is an all-round entertainer. His outgoing personality and cheeky sense of humour won over the crowd straight away, and this only progressed throughout the show. During the second half, there was an opportunity for the audience to ask him questions, which proved to be very amusing. Many of them were some of his more mature fans attempting to ask slightly too personal questions, which had the whole audience in hysterics!
This, along with a back-to-back medley of dance styles and music from across the eras, made for an absolute delight of a show. It really was A Night To Remember.

Sophie Webster is a 20 year old student studying English Language with Literature at Birmingham City University. She is an animal lover, passionate about music and dance, and loves living in Birmingham.