Symphony Hall: Inside Out in Pictures

Inside Out Daytime Twitter Image

4 2 W5 A1128
3 2 W5 A1117

it was very age appropriate for young children and had a lot of interactive/ hands on activities to keep children interested

2 2 W5 A1100
1 2 W5 A1093

Very unusual event that celebrates Birmingham's culture

2 W5 A1199
2 W5 A1248

we really enjoyed the children's picnics in the morning and the dressing rooms performers and the marching band

2 W5 A1232
2 W5 A1334

Lots of behind scenes to see and it helps to identify with the symphony hall for the future

2 W5 A1335
2 W5 A1357

The atmosphere was amazing, the symphony hall is a breathtaking venue, recently saw Tom Chaplin here, what an awesome night.

2 W5 A1422
2 W5 A1452
2 W5 A1479
2 W5 A1484
2 W5 A1494

It was a lot of fun, really varied acts and things to do. The music was great, and being able to explore the area was really good too

2 W5 A1505
2 W5 A1542
7 2 W5 A1381