The best gig you never went to...

The gig you never went to

When people talk about 'the one that got away' we here at THSH, understand. Everyone has a memory at the back of the mind of the one that didn't work out, the one that haunts you... We really do know that missing a must-see gig can stick with you for years (...what did you think we were talking about?)

The gigs that got away are the ones that haunt us music lovers and a quick chat around the office revealed some real horror stories of shows that people came oh so close to attending and then just missed out on. So join us as we remember the gigs that could have been as we talk about the shows we should've seen!


In 1970, I attended the Bath Festival. It was a massive bill with Pink Floyd, The Byrds, Fairport Convention, Frank Zappa and was even headlined by Led Zep. Incredible. The thing was, there were 200,000 people attending and in those days, the facilities were verging on the medieval. To top it off, it rained non- stop, it was just mud - mud, mud and more mud. I hated it and left before it finished; causing me to miss Zeppelins now legendary set and sadly, I never saw them live as a result. I'm still kicking myself about it.

Chris B | Programming


Asia were scheduled at Town Hall couple of years ago but cancelled due to the ill health of Carl Palmer. I shed a tear.

Nick L | C.O.O


In my days in journalism I was sent to off to cover a popular large European Rock Festival and I was particularly excited at the prospect of getting to watch KISS from a stage linked area for press. However, after 24 hours of travelling nearly 700 miles and a couple of steins, it became apparent that I was totally exhausted. Despite my excitement at KISS' looming show I fell asleep in the Press Room and woke up, rather confused, a little after 1am having slept through the entire set. I was gutted and no one has ever let me forget it.

Lara C | Digital



I was due to travel down to Liverpool to watch Paul Weller on his Wake Up the Nation tour but the week before the event I was told that I had an important lecture at University in Derby on that evening that could NOT be missed. Begrudgingly I missed the gig, only to get an email from my lecturer shortly before the lecture was meant to start to say it had been cancelled! To rub salt in the wound we had standing tickets and my Mum and Dad managed to get to the front of the crowd; within touching distance of the Mod Father himself!

Lauren M - Marketing


The opportunities to see Arcade Fire in the UK are not frequent, and they are even rarer living in Birmingham. Their performance in December 2010 was therefore massively exciting and my wife and I bought tickets many months in advance, despite expecting our first child around that time. Sure enough our son arrived around noon on the day of the gig, and we had to miss it. We’ve kept the tickets all this time.

Richard H | Programming


I missed Prince at the LG Arena (as it was back then) in May 2014. We’d already booked to go to Scotland with my wife and parents and as it was part-staycation/part-birthday present I couldn’t really back out of it or say no - even for Prince! It was made worse by being so close to having Prince in Symphony Hall in December 2015, only for it not to happen. Maybe it was just a sign that it wasn’t meant to be ( and by sign I don’t mean a bad Prince-based pun either!!)

Chris P | Programming

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