The Library is opened and Bianca Del Rio is waiting for you!

Season six winner of RuPaul's Drag Races and everyone's favourite "clown in a gown", Bianca Del Rio makes her debut at Symphony Hall on Monday 6 February 2017!

There is no doubt that her new stand-up show, Not Today Satan will be full of her foul mouthed insults and unapologetic humour.

We have rounded up our top 5 moments during her time on Drag Races:

5. Her variety of facial expressions, including this eye roll...

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4. When she channeled her inner rap goddess and reminded us she is from the Deep South

Ru Paul S Drag Race Season 6 The Best Of Bianca Del Rio

3.That time she showed us how to "put that bass in your walk" in the music video for Sissy That Walk

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2. Look it's Judge Judy... oh wait, it's Bianca during everyone's favourite challenge, the Snatch Game...Boloney!


1. Although this was in the Season 7 finale, this one hell of a glittery show stopper - sunglasses ready...

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