The Power of Classical Music

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Classical music has the potential to inspire children and young people alike offering an opportunity to become a regular listeners or even plant seeds of future careers as composers, performers or maestros!

Classical music has been publicised as being able to stimulate the brain, improving memory, emotion, mood, and as a consequence even exam results. Whether or not classical music is the answer to all, one thing is true: children love it and at THSH, we are passionate about introducing younger generations to the world of classical music - to be inspired, engaged and motivated.

One of the ways in which we introduce younger children are through our education programmes – if you would like to read more about our most recent workshops click here.

However it’s not just us! Denis Matsuev, renowned solo pianist performing at Symphony Hall with the Mariinsky Orchestra on Thursday 12 October 2017 tells us more about how he first discovered music, his support and attitude to this fabulous art form.

And how does a little kid develop taste for music?

"It’s hard to explain in a few words. When I was three, I learned to play the signature tune that in those days accompanied the weather forecast ending the main evening news at nine.

Mine was a musical family. My great-granddad played the violin, my grandpas and grandmas played the guitar and the accordion. I can play ten different instruments myself. Not so well as I play the piano, but I can play them. At jazz shows I venture to play the double bass, just for fun.

I can memorize music without having a keyboard in front of me. I spend much time flying from place to place, so I work a lot on board a plane.

[my parents] They are still present at most of my concerts and they keep briefing me on the flaws they notice. They are certain it’s other people’s business to tell me about my merits. My father, who has tutored me from the age of three, and my mother may say something flattering about a successful performance, but they will never miss the chance to mention the drawbacks.

This debriefing may last for a while. I have absolute faith in my parents and I never feel insulted. I just go and try to correct my flaws right away."

A slightly different view comes from beloved pianist Dame Mitsuko Uchida, performing a solo recital in town hall on Monday 30 October 2017. See her speak about talent and passion below.

Whether you are looking at it as a source of inspiration, education or simply enjoyment there is something for everyone in our Birmingham Classical Season and with our Kid Go Free ticket scheme why not introduce your child to the magical world of classical music. 

Find out more about our Kids Go Free ticket scheme or see more of our upcoming Birmingham Classical Season concerts.