THSH Artist-in-Residence: Sam Underwood

Hurrah! There is a piece of my work in the wild at Symphony Hall – and this time it hasn’t sparked a security alert.

The Sonic Table, conceived and created with my colleague David Morton, can be found in the Level 4 bar area. It is pictured above. Seek it out and have a play!

Also, there will soon be some quick-to-do “sonic stunts” in and around the place. The plan is to get some work out there and documented, whilst other slower wheels turn. Those wheels will deliver larger scale pieces in the fullness of time. A chunk of recent weeks has been taken up with the planning and admin for these.

Lastly, A Word in Your Ear, the internal piece pictured in a previous blog post is still doing the rounds. I have no idea which member of staff has it or what the current message on it is, but actually that doesn’t bother me at all artistically. I am entirely at ease with the idea that my work can be out there bringing intrigue and joy to people without any means of reporting that back to me. Enjoy!

In the short term, watch out for the “sonic stunts” and come and have a listen. If you don’t happen to be passing through when these are staged, I hope to put videos up online. Longer term, larger and more permanent pieces will start to appear. Keep your eyes and ears peeled…

I am keen to hear your thoughts. Feel free to contact me via the comments to this post or by email:

Thanks for reading; further updates to follow!