THSH Artist-in-Residence Sam Underwood - August 2013

In this latest period in my residency I have been working towards a list of projects to concentrate on over my time in post. Some of these will come to fruition and some of them may fall by the wayside. Whatever bits do and do not happen, it’s a list of stuff I am happy to get behind as an artist and one that I hope will help to distinguish Town Hall Symphony Hall.

Some of these ideas will result in large performances, others in minuscule interventions.

Many of the smaller ideas are already underway, such as the Sound Art Vending Machine for the Artist Bar and a number of pieces of Sonic Graffiti within the public spaces around Symphony Hall – keep your eyes and ears open when you next visit! For some of the loftier ideas I have been forging links with potential collaborators, from the Saconni Quartet to THSH staff players who are keen to have their musical instruments augmented.

There has also been a continued process of exploring the spaces and options presented by THSH. For example, I had the pleasure of being in the roof space of Town Hall as the organ was being played recently, sparking a whole load of ideas about sound transference and body music.

Oh and the research and development continues in my Sonic Research Lab on Level 2, where you will find all sorts of odd bleeps and honks emanating!


Next up is to get some of the smaller projects completed and in place, and to flesh out the aims and scope of the larger projects. There is much work to do but there is also a distinct momentum gathering. Watch this space.

I am keen to hear your thoughts. Feel free to contact me via the comments to this post or by email:

Thanks for reading; further updates to follow!

– Sam Underwood, THSH Artist-in-Residence

Sam Underwood has been THSH Artist-in-Residence since June 2013. Read his previous updateshereandhere.