THSH Artist-in-Residence Sam Underwood - July 2013

Since my last update things have been developing nicely.

Here’s a summary:

- I have set up my Sonic Research Lab on Level 2
- I have built and tested a number of pieces on-site, some of which I have donated to the delightful Education and Jazzlines teams
- I have spoken with people in the organisation and have arranged various tours, attended events etc
- I have been reading about the history of the halls
- I have logged some pieces online
- I have taken part in the Guardian hosted discussion on artist residencies
- I have started thinking about how what I am doing in my lab and more broadly might break out / scale up / engage – this is where it’s all headed in due course!

On that last point, some of what I do will grow organically from me being around creating stuff but other more structured ideas are starting to form too. For example, at the end of this month I have been invited to take part in the Hack the Quartet event, organised by Watershed. I hope to engage with some of the musicians who are regularly present at THSH in a similar manner, but over a longer time period.

Here are links to my residency updates so far:

- Makey Makey – initial test
- Duet for air conditioning + piano tuner
- Electronic Bird Bend
- Guardian: Making residencies work for both venue and artist – live chat


Next up is more thinking about how some of the things I am building can come out of the lab and into public. What would a sound art event in the hall have to look/sound like? What about a pop-up thing outside? Maybe some Sonic Graffiti? What if nobody gets that it’s linked to THSH but then they happen upon the link months later?

I am keen to hear your thoughts. I draw my inspirations very widely so why not get in touch, either via the comments to this post or via email:

Thanks for reading; further updates to follow!