THSH Artist-in-Residence Sam Underwood - November 2013

I am not sure what happens every October but somehow I always seem to get busy. Rather than go into too much detail here, I thought I’d direct you to a recent blog post on my site:Why am I so happy?

As you can see it is all very happy-making but it did result in a bit of a stop start month where my work at THSH is concerned. That said, the culmination of this busy period was my first live performance on the Town Hall stage; a great honour. I played with six other improvising musicians as part of the RISK Weekender, which celebrated music created in the moment.

Prior to the performance I attended a fantastic talk by Professor David Spiegelhalter entitled, “How lethal are bacon sandwiches?”, and on the Sunday I was lucky enough to hear concerts by Arve Henriksen and Jan Bang, and The Necks in Town Hall. Both were truly remarkable experiences, made extra special by THSH staging them in-the-round. An amazing venue and daring programming, more please! My only sadness regarding RISK is that the jazz all-nighter was cancelled. A risk too far?

Aside from RISK I was able to present some of the work I am doing here at a recent all-staff meeting. This was great to do and at the end of it I handed the A Word In Your Ear piece to a member of staff to record a message and pass on. Where it is now, I don’t know…which is part of the artistic intention.

I am back working hard now to bring some of my THSH projects to fruition, both large and small. Watch this space!

As ever, please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions:

Thanks for reading, further updates to follow!