THSH Artist-in-Residence Sam Underwood - September 2013

In my grand plan, September was the month in which I hoped evidence of my work here would start to emerge into the public domain.

In fact a piece of Sonic Graffiti did, until it caused a security alert which briefly closed the building. Similarly, a large-scale sound art piece to be installed in the hoarding around the site of the shop was scuppered by fire safety regulations. These represent minor frustrations and lessons learnt, rather than anything else.

I am sanguine about this because I know what is in the planning and making; I continue to build relationships and work that I hope will serve to excite and inspire. Every process I have to go through to make stuff happen helps to make it easier the next time, be that for me or future resident artists. It’s difficult being an early-adoptee sometimes but it’s also extremely exciting.

My Sonic Research Lab has been a little quiet of late, partly because I am jumping through the soldering hoop but moreover because the work I have been concentrating on has been bigger in scale, so has been carried out in my workshop and shed. This stuff will begin to appear soon.

Oh and I have been exercising my extemporisation muscles ahead of the RISK Weekender in November. EXCITE!

I have dusted myself down and have a number of projects on the brink of completion. So, firstly my focus is to get these done and out there. They’ll make you think and add life and excitement to spaces that might not normally be considered for such stuff. The larger projects are also gathering momentum. The fruits of my work (with my partner in such stuff, David Morton) will soon become apparent.

As ever, please get in touch if you have any comments or suggestions via

Thanks for reading; further updates to follow!