Town hall wins bdi award

Town Hall Birmingham announced joint winner of the BDI, Industry and Genius Awards, Places and Genius Conservation Category 2007.

The Birmingham Design Initiative, Industry and Genius Awards reward the ultimate in design and creativity in Birmingham and the West Midlands. The BDI is made up of 22 professionals from the business, education and design related sectors. Their goal is to raise awareness of the importance and value of outstanding environmental and product design in the West Midlands.

The judges said of Town Hall’s restoration:
?This building has regained its purpose, we were bowled over with its splendour.?

?It is clear to see that restoring the building was an extremely complex, painstaking task, which has been a complete success.?

Town Hall’s meticulous restoration was completed in 2007. The Grade 1 listed landmark has been restored to its original 1834 design both internally and externally with substantial technical, engineering, acoustic and theatrical features included to meet the demands of 21st century use.

Some 40 stonemasons and carvers were involved in restoring the original Anglesey stonework exterior to its former glory, including replacement work to the ornate Corinthian capitals.