The Blue Men rock out in Birmingham

Inspired, uplifting and brilliantly bonkers, Blue Man Group put on a phenomenal show in Birmingham last night.

Express and Star

The global smash-hit Blue Man Group, presented by Town Hall Symphony Hall, opened at The ICC last night for a UK-exclusive limited run of shows.

Music sets the tone, creates the mood, and guides the audience through the journey of the show. The Blue Men use no spoken language, so perhaps music is their form of communication. Or maybe the Blue Men just simply love to rock out!

Blue Man Group are Grammy nominated artists who have entertained more than 35 million people worldwide with their unique show, and have collaborated with a wide range of artists, including Tiesto, Dave Matthews, Jill Scott and most recently, the Killers.

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One of the most visually stunning and emotionally expressive instruments displayed during this outrageous multi-sensory experience are the Paint Drums. When the Blue Men play a set of Paint Drums, their powerful drumbeats are accompanied by explosive glowing liquid. The Blue Men use their drums with such power and veracity that the vibrations and sound waves are rendered visible to the human eye as the paint, the light, and the sounds waves explode into one entity.

Whether you are into sound, vision, rhythms, mime or comedy the group knows how to appeal to the whole family.

Birmingham Mail

And directly after the performance, the Blue Man Group moved from the stage to the foyer to meet the Birmingham crowd after the show - with many snapping a #BlueManSelfie.

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