Write your own rite of spring

On Thu 21 April, Symphony Hall will present its most ambitious event to date!

Audiences will don 3D glasses and witness one of the most remarkable experiences in a concert hall as Klaus Obermaier?s Rite of Spring 3D unfolds before their eyes. Through the magic of technical wizardry, a solo dancer?s movements will be digitally transformed, in real time, from the stage to a giant screen above the orchestra.

In anticipation of this extraordinary event, we’ve launched a dedicated website www.riteofspring3d.thsh.co.uk. The site includes a behind the scenes blog, video excerpts, background information on the production and concept, and parallaxing images (creating a 3D effect).

There?s also an interactive feature ?wRite? where you can play at creating your own graphics to accompany the music and dance, and can share via Twitter and Facebook.

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