Auditorium seating

Fixed theatre type seating in a classical oval concert hall configuration.

Maximum capacity 2262 over four levels. Rock and Pop capacity 1885, taking into account sightlines and mixer desk.

Seat Breakdown
Stalls and Stalls Terrace 892 + 4 Wheelchair spaces
Circle 566 (including 222 Choir seats behind the performers)
Upper Circle 291
Grand Tier 513 additional 4 spaces
When the orchestra pit is in use the capacity reduces by 120 in the Stalls. When in-house sound is used the capacity reduces by 35 (11 Stalls Terrace & 24 Grand Tier). When the orchestral risers are not in use (flat stage configuration) the capacity reduces by 90 in the Choir.

There are also 12 removable seats either side of the house cockpit for visiting company desks.

There is also additional space for wheelchair users to remain in their own chairs.

Concert platform

Semi-circular concert platform, 23m wide and 15m deep. With the stage extension in use (pit lift raised) the depth increases to 18m.

Stage height 1.2m

Orchestra/choir risers sit on air ride castors and can be removed to create a fully flat stage.

Steps to/from the auditorium are provided.

Plans and photographs are available.

There is flat access to the platform area from Bay C on Broad Street. Loading door is 3.3m wide and 4.0m high.

Covered loading bay area is approximately 24m long, 8m wide and 4.0m high.

There is provision for point hoists over the stage (there are no motors)

All primary suspensions are to be rigged by Symphony Hall rigging staff (rechargeable cost)
NB no points to be rigged from the canopy

A curved cyc bar is available for masking drapes or in-house black drapes

A further black drape is available when the risers are removed. This is 10m x 12m and hangs approx 30’ from the stage front

Ceiling height is 18.75m above platform level.

150 orchestral chairs (red)
8 high chairs (red)
100 music stands (with light if required)
Conductor’s podium
Conductor’s music stand
2 lecterns (red front)
6 litedeck sections 2m x 1m
Small portable PA (rechargeable cost)
2 LeMaitre 3004MVS Hazer (rechargeable cost)
Christie LHD 700 7000 Lumens Projector (rechargeable cost)
10.5’ x 7’ rear projection screen (rechargeable cost)

2 Steinway D (rechargeable cost)
1 Steinway B (on raised level) (rechargeable cost)
1 Yamaha 9’ (rechargeable cost)
1 Yamaha 7’ (rechargeable cost)
3 uprights (rechargeable cost)

Special Effects
Pyrotechnics – Please note that we need at least 30 days notice for the use of pyrotechnics or other activities involving naked flames. These services need to be supplied & operated by a competent firm. Our Pyrotechnic Policy will be sent to you upon notification of the use of pyros, this includes a form which will need to be completed and returned at least 14 days before the event along with comprehensive risk assessments and safe systems of work documents. An inspection and test will need to be carried out on the day of the event with our Pyrotechnic Officer.


House: Tungsten lighting dimmed by areas to black out unused sections of the auditorium.

Concert: Dedicated open-white permanent lighting rig mounted in the acoustic canopy and ceiling. It is independent of the main production lighting but it can be integrated with it.


ETC Congo (Cobalt Software)
Circuit loadings:
222 × 2.5kW
8 × 5kW

14 x VL1000 ERS Tungsten (iris) (recharge)
16 x Silhouette 11/26 2kW Profile
6 x Source 4 750w Profile
4 × 10deg Source 4 Profile
4 × 19deg Source 4 Profile
4 × 36deg Source 4 Profile
12 x Juliat 15/38 1kW Profile
4 x Strand 2kW P.C.
96 x Source Four PAR
24 x Apollo Colour Scroller
2 x Strand 24V 1kW Beamlight
2 x Juliat Aramis 2.5kW H.M.I. Follow Spot (rechargeable cost)

The above production lighting is permanently rigged at the front and back of the acoustic canopy (over stage) and within the auditorium area on all levels of the tiers and in four roof lighting slots – one of which also houses the follow spot area.

There is a Chauvet floor package including Slimpar Tri12 LED x 6, Colorado 1 TriTour LED Wash x 6 and Rogue 1 Spot Moving Heads x4 available for hire (recharge).

No extra lights are to be hung from the canopy but may be able to be rigged in some other areas

Lighting power (stage right) available is 200 amp 3 phase, via;

Powerlok (Powerlok - the connectors are sequential and keyed to prevent connections with the wrong line. They are also colour coded to meet various international 3 phase electrical standards)

1 x 63A 3 phase cee-form

1 x 32A 3 phase cee-form

Chauvet floor package including Slimpar Tri12 LED x 6, Colorado 1 TriTour LED Wash x 6 and Rogue 1 Spot Moving Heads x4 (recharge)


Acoustic Systems
Acoustic adjustments within the auditorium are made by physical means and no electronics are employed.

The Acoustic Canopy hangs above the platform and is fully variable in height. Please note it cannot tilt. It covers approximately 90% of the platform.

The Reverberation Chamber contains a volume approximately 50% of the Hall itself. The reverberation time of the Hall is affected by a series of pneumatically operated doors above and around the Hall which open into this chamber.

On certain upper wall areas there are power-operated acoustic banners which can be lowered.

On other lower wall areas there are manually operated acoustically absorbent panels against the walls.

All power operated units are controlled from stage left by Symphony Hall technical staff only.

Amplification Systems

Please note there are no groundstacks or monitor mixer. We would strongly suggest that all touring shows bring their own complete PA (FOH mixer, multicore, mics, monitors etc). Our flown L&R clusters only (below) are available (at no cost).

Loudspeaker coverage is via flown loudspeaker pods in a left, centre, right configuration )only left and right are available for loud amplification/touring shows).

The left and right clusters comprise 4 d&b 402 tops, 3 d&b 402 subs & 4 d&b max12s, giving 112dB (unweighted) at the mix position with 0dBu input.

The centre cluster comprises 2 d&b 602 loudspeakers and 4 d&b E3 loudspeakers and will provide speech coverage to the Hall, in conjunction with the left and right clusters.

The Control Room console is a Soundcraft MH4 24:8:8:2 with 8 aux sends supported by a CD player and also a floating minidisc recorder.

The Cockpit console is a Soundcraft MH4 40:8:8:2 with 8 aux sends supported by CD player, mini-disc recorder/player, Yamaha SPX2000 effects unit, 2 Klark Teknik DN 405 parametrics and 8 DBX900 series comp/lim and parametrics.

The cockpit desk can be removed on a lift to accommodate a production’s own equipment.

There are also 4 Martin Audio LE1200 monitor wedges available and a selection of microphones.

There are tie-lines around the stage with the option of 2 × 12 way boxes.

A list of microphones is available.

Sound power (stage left) available is 100 amp 3 phase, via;

1 x 63A 3 phase cee-form

1 x 32A 3 phase cee-form

1 x 63A single phase cee-form

1 x 16A single phase cee-form

Additional power at get in area is 250 amp 3 phase. 125 amp single phase and 63 amp single phase.

Dressing room and office space

Dressing Rooms
Below platform: Four orchestra rooms capable of accommodating up to 120 musicians total (Level 2). Showers are available within the toilet areas.

Platform level: Disabled artist dressing room with shower and en suite toilet adjacent to the platform (Level 3). (No 6)

Above platform level: Visiting conductor’s suite (Level 4) (No 2) and 3 principal artiste’s dressing rooms (Level 4) (Nos 3,4 and 5). All rooms have showers and toilets en suite.

Office concert management/production office, opposite the main dressing rooms, is available on Level 4.

Further Information

The full technical specification for Symphony Hall is available. Please email