The organ has two consoles.

The console attached to the main instrument has a mechanical action directly linking the keys to the pipes, and an electrical stop action. It has traditional draw-knob stops and its keyboards are made of fir with black naturals (plated with ebony) and white sharps (ebony plated with bone).

The second console is linked into the action of the organ electronically. It is freestanding on the platform and can be moved. It has keyboards of fir, this time with white naturals (plated with bone), black sharps (plated with ebony), and stop keys (tabs) rather than drawknobs, to save space.

Both consoles have setter combination action to store stop combinations. There are 798 combinations, which can be operated individually and by sequencer, and a floppy-disk drive to store general combinations.

The balanced pedals for the enclosed Swell and Solo divisions also operate the swell boxes for the left and right reverberation chamber divisions when they are divided. There is also a particularly Continental feature, a General Crescendo roller pedal. This pedal automatically adds stops, enabling the player to make a gradual general crescendo from the quietest stops to the full organ.