How did you get to be a THSH Tour Guide?

I was working at THSH as a steward, when there was a request for additional Tour Guides.  As a retired Teacher (they always have plenty to say!) the role appealed and following an interview, I was appointed.

What do you particularly like about Town Hall?

It has to be elements of both history and the architecture. Visitors are amazed at the number of famous politicians, conductors, musicians, singers and comedians who have appeared at the venue over the years. Of course the organ is very special and in terms of the renovation, the sun-burst on the ceiling is stunning.

What do you particularly like about Symphony Hall?

This is largely due to THSH having benefitted from the expert in-put of Russell Johnson (an acoustics expert) from New York who had complete control over the design of the hall, including the size, shape, materials and colour that were used.

What is your favourite memory of working at THSH?

It’s really hard to define a particular favourite memory! It is just a great privilege to work at two such prestigious concert halls in the city.

Do you have preferred type of music, a conductor or genre?

The reputation of the halls has been built largely around classical music but to be honest, for me, as a teenager in the 60s it is artists such as the Beatles, Neil Diamond, Neil Sedaka and Elton John who are high on my list of favourites.  However, since working at THSH my appreciation of classical music has grown, largely because so many world class orchestras and conductors appear each season and perform great works in the halls.