How did you get to be a THSH Tour Guide?

I started working with THSH in 1998, initially as a Front of House Steward; I then undertook Backstage Steward duties. Following a request for THSH Tour Guides, I applied to become a TG & using my operational experience, undertook this role as well.

What do you particularly like about Town Hall?

Town Hall is a giant history lesson. I was in the St. John ambulance brigade in the 1950s and 60s and did many first aid duties at Town Hall so I can tell of the many shows I attended. 

What do you particularly like about Symphony Hall?

I find Symphony Hall truly wonderful each time I enter it takes my breath away! 
I love to work the open university graduations - it’s a real family affair and a truly happy event.

What is your favourite memory of working at THSH?

I think the annual National Music for youth, weeklong event, is wonderful - I am in complete awe of the talented young musicians. Fabulous.

Do you have preferred type of music, a conductor or genre? 

Tony Bennett and Neil Diamond are my stand-out genre.