Maximum capacity 1086

Theatre style seating – all removable if required.
497 seats. 12 seats can be removed to accommodate 6 wheelchair users if required.

Technical Holds
House mixer position in use – capacity reduced by 19
Stage extension in use at a depth of 2 metres – capacity reduced by 85 seats (3 rows)
Stage extension in use at a depth of 3 metres – capacity reduced by 114 seats (4 rows)
With groundstacks either side of stage – capacity reduced by 10 seats for sightlines

Centre Circle
358 seats

Circle Ledges
52 seats, 2 of which have restricted view
Additional 4 dedicated posistions for wheelchair users and a companion. These positions will only be used when required by wheelchair users.

Choir Benches
179 seats. (Restricted sight-lines & possibly sound – to be put on sale only in agreement with Town Hall management.) Please note these seats have no back or arm rests.


Flat upstage wall with diagonal corner sections, 14.6m wide and 8.0m deep.
Stage height 1.25m.

A corridor lift provides a level access route from the get-in to the auditorium and to raise items to stage level. This is 8.0m x 2.0m. There is no other route for items into the Hall or onto stage.

Two tiering lifts allow the rear part of the stage to be raised. These are each 2.2m deep. Downstage lift rises to 360mm max. Upstage lift rises to 720mm max.

A temporary stage extension is available. This is constructed from steeldeck and extends the stage by 2metre or 3metre and is a rechargeable cost.

Steps are available for access from the stage to the auditorium.


Conductor’s podium
100 orchestral chairs (blue)
4 stools with backs (blue)
50 music stands (with lights if required)
1 conductor’s music stand
(4) x 4’ x 4’ Lite Deck (with 1’ legs)

TV / DVD Player (rechargeable cost)
Small Portable PA (rechargeable cost)
2 x JemZR24 Hazer (rechargeable cost)
Christie LHD 700 7000 Lumens Projector – permanently hung in canopy (rechargeable cost)
14’ x 10.5’ front/rear projection screen – hung on cyc bar (rechargeable cost)
Sanyo PLCXT25 XGA 4500 Lum Projector – for stage (rechargeable cost)
10.5’ x 7’ rear projection screen – for stage (rechargeable cost)


1 Steinway D (recharge)
1 Steinway B (recharge)
2 Uprights – Dressing Room 1 & 2


89 stop pipe organ (William Hill, 1834) (rechargeable cost)
with attached draw-stop console


Please note that the use of pyrotechnics or other activities involving naked flames, confetti or glitter cannons are strictly forbidden in Town Hall due to Health and Safety risks.

Haze / Smoke

Please note only TH house hazers are permitted for use, no other hazer or smoke machine may be used.


2 loading bays, 3.0m wide, 13.0m long, (a) 0.80m (b) 1.10m high, off Paradise Circus, flat access around outside of building. Get-in doors 1.30m wide and 2.04m high.

Flat access (down short ramp) to stage get-in.


There is provision for point hoists over the stage. Please note there are no motors available.
All primary suspensions are to be rigged by Town Hall rigging staff (rechargeable cost).
NB. No points to be rigged from the canopy.
Truss walking is prohibited (we have no access for focusing touring lights).

A cyclorama (following the line of the upstage wall) is available for masking drapes or in-house black drapes (rechargeable cost).

Ceiling height is 17.90m above platform level.

A rigging plan is available.

Loads that can be hung from the rigging points are 350kg per point maximum.


Tungsten lighting

24 x Source Four Par 575W open-white permanent lighting mounted within the canopy, and whilst independent of the main production lighting it can be integrated with it.

Production (rechargeable cost)

A plan is available.

ETC Congo (Cobalt Software)

Circuit loadings
96 × 10A
24 × 25A

5 x VL1000 ERS Tungsten (shutter)
9 x VL1000 ERS Tungsten (iris)
11 x VL500 wash Tungsten
24 x Source Four Par 575W (concert lighting only)
These are permanently rigged within canopy.

24 x Source Four Par 575W
4x ETC Selador Vivid-R LED (organ specials)
These are permanently rigged on 6 side wall lighting frames.

2 x Robert Juliat Flo 1.8 MSR Followspot (rechargeable)
Only Town Hall technical staff are permitted to operate follow spots.

Chauvet floor package including Slimpar Tri12 LED x 6, Colorado 1 TriTour LED Wash x 6 and Rogue 1 Spot Moving Heads x4 (recharge)

NB. No extra lights are to be hung from the canopy or side frames.

For touring shows, a large area is available at the rear of the stalls for lighting desk etc.

Touring followspots can be accommodated either side of the control room (on balcony) via 2 × 32A/single socket.

Lighting power (Stage right) is 400 amp 3phase via Powerloks, 32A/3phase ceeform or 63A/3phase ceeform.


Acoustic Systems

The acoustic adjustments within the auditorium are entirely by physical means and no electronics are employed.

The acoustic canopy is a series of reflectors in a checker board style, suspended over the stage and auditorium and can move to preset positions that alter the acoustic character of the Hall.

27 acoustic blinds over the main windows are used to vary the acoustics of the Hall.

All power operated units are controlled from stage right by Town Hall technical staff.

Amplification Systems

NB. The in-house PA system is capable for speech and very light instrument amplification only. It is only to be used for this purpose. There are no groundstacks or monitor mixer. If you require further amplification, we can provide a company to supply this subject to quotation.

The house loudspeaker system is manufactured by Duran Audio (not available for touring shows).
Coverage is via flown loudspeakers from the centre of the canopy.
This comprises of 7 x Target U16 units & 2 x Target B215 subs.
In addition there are 2 x U16 units for choir seating. There are also 5 x Axys U-12+ for front fill. Also 2 x RCF TT08A fills for side balconies.

The mixer is an Allen and Heath GL2800, supported by a Tascam CD-RW900 CD recorder, Tascam CD-A700 CD/cassette player, Tascam MD-350 mini disc recorder, dbx 166XL compressor/limiter, Yamaha SPX2000 multi effects processor and 2 x Yamaha Q2031B stereo 31 band graphic equalizers. Control position is within the control room at the rear of the circle (open sides/roof).

There are also 4 monitor wedges available and a selection of microphones.

There are tie-lines around the stage for the in-house sound system.

A list of available microphones is available.

For touring shows, a large area is available at the rear of the stalls for mixer etc. There are pass throughs each side of the stage and cables can run along suspended hooks under the circle at approximately 2m high (no ladder provided). There are flown speakers, 2 x RCF TT08A, on the canopy to plug into (at mixer position) which cover the rear rows of the circle. Adequate coverage must be provided to the side balconies. The house PA system is not available to be used in conjunction with touring systems.

Sound power (Stage Left) is 63A/3phase ceeform or 63A/single phase ceeform.

Additional power at loading bay is 100 amp via 125A/3phase ceeform and 100 amp via 4 × 63A/3phase & 3 × 32A/3phase ceeforms. This supply is approximately 10m from loading bay (b) through a cable pass through and must be connected by Town Hall technical staff.

The route for cables from loading bay to stage right is approximately 40m.

Ancillary accommodation

Backstage area

There is a general backsatge area for instrument case storage.

Dressing Rooms

Platform level
Principal dressing room – full en suite (No 1)
Principal dressing room – full en suite (disabled access) (No 2)
2 x dressing rooms – full en suite (Nos 3 and 4)

Circle level
2 x dressing rooms – toilet only (Nos 5 and 6)
2 x dressing rooms (Nos 7 and 8)


A production office is available opposite stage door.

Further Information

The full technical specification for Town Hall is available. Please email