The organ case has been decorated three times in its history. The first time it was decorated by the Crace family who had earlier undertaken much work at Brighton Pavilion, including the lavishly exotic music room there.

Contemporary descriptions said that “under the direction of Mr Crace of London” the organ case was “splendidly embellished, and the pipes gilt, with scrolls.” The Craces also decorated the Hall’s ceiling at the same time.

A second redecoration of the case was made in 1890 by John Henry Chamberlain, a Birmingham architect. The current and third decoration was by Anna Plowden who undertook her work during the 1983 refurbishment to the organ.

Rebuilds of the organ were made in 1889 by Thomas Hill (William’s son); in 1932 by Henry Willis III; and in 1983 by N P Mander. The organ was also refurbished in readiness for the re-opening of the Hall in October 2007.